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Part No.: WAE46568

Evaporative Emissions Tester

Manufacturer: Weakon

One of the most common reasons for a vehicle’s OBDII system to set a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) is an EVAP system leak. Without the proper equipment, troubleshooting the DTC can become difficult and time consuming. Priced under $700.00, the Waekon 46568 EVAP Leak Test Master Kit is the most comprehensive and cost effective means of troubleshooting EVAP leak DTCs on the market today.

The Waekon 46568 will test the entire EVAP system for leaks within in a few minutes. The EVAP pressurization manifold quickly verifies the presents of a leak in the fuel tank, EVAP lines or carbon canister. It also helps pinpoint the leak’s location. In addition to the EVAP pressurization manifold, the kit includes a fuel cap tester specifically designed to determine if the fuel cap is the cause of an OBDII EVAP code.

Other testers, such as an EVAP approved smoke machine, can cost over $2200.00; making it difficult to justify the return on investment even for a large shop. Smoke machines may work well on finding large leaks; however, they can be ineffective when trying to find very small leaks that are on the edge of the OBDII fail threshold. Nor do they include a fuel cap tester, whereas the Waekon 46568 EVAP Leak Test Master Kit does.

OEM EVAP pressure testers are also very expensive at a price of $2000.00 or higher, and they don’t include a separate fuel cap test either. These testers may provide the same basic diagnostic information as the Waekon 46568 EVAP Leak Test Master Kit but at over three times the price.

Manual diagnostic methods that use jumper wires, wiring diagrams and scan tools to test the system are cumbersome and time consuming. This may help to verify and identify a leak, but these methods won’t help you pinpoint where the leak is located. An EVAP problem could be as simple as a loose fuel cap, or as complex as an actual leak somewhere in the fuel tank, EVAP lines or carbon canister. How much time do you want to spend on troubleshooting?

Once the problem has been pinpointed and repaired, OBDII monitors can take up to 200 miles of driving to reset. In comparison the Waekon 46568 EVAP Leak Test Master Kit can verify the repair in minutes. Not verifying the repair prior to returning the vehicle to the customer can result in a high incidence of comebacks and dissatisfied customers.

The Waekon 46568 EVAP Leak Test Master Kit provides you with an efficient, timely and affordable way to test an entire EVAP system without the high costs associated with other testing systems.