flexible borescope
flexible borescope

We now have Video Borescope
by AC Delco

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Now you can ship any Borescope to the UK only $39.00

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AC Delco ACDARZ604
Video Borescope
  • 8mm camera head: Easy to inspect tough-to-reach places
  • Video Out: Real-time video from camera to transfer into any displays
  • 3" Color LCD: 320 × 240 Display resolution
  • 2.5× Digital Zoom: 11 Settings to adjust image size
  • Illumination Control: 5 Settings to change led brightness
  • View Flip: 2 Settings to reverse inspecting image
  • Waterproof Flexible Cable: Camera head and flexible cable protection from water
  • Stand hanger with hook: 8 Positions to place tool body


$139.00 Includes FREE Shipping