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2-Channel Automotive Scope


Your Cost: $1,095.00
MSRP: $1,549.95

The exclusive vehicle-specific database in the No. 3840F contains information for most domestic vehicles, as well as many imports. The scope also recommends the appropriate test procedures for fast, accurate repairs. Visible on the screen are diagrams showing pin numbers and wire colors for both the PCM and the component connector.
2-channel lab scope.
A 25 MHz sample rate per channel for rapid data updates.
True RMS GMM (Graphing Multimeter) measurements and graphs.
A unique "Glitch Snare" feature captures, displays, and optionally saves abnormal signal patterns in the Scope mode for component testing.
Real-time comparison between actual waveforms and reference waveforms on the same screen for component testing.
Preset tests enable the user to check the majority of automotive sensors, actuators, and systems easily and quickly.
Powerful built-in reference information for each preset test includes a test procedure, a normal reference signal pattern, theory of operation, and troubleshooting tips.
The extremely powerful Help Menu lets you find answers fast.
The secondary ignition single function displays the waveform along with the spark voltage, RPM, burn time, and burn voltage at the same time.
The diesel function allows you to set injection pump timing and rpm using the optional diesel accessories.
USB interface supports update for code and data over the internet.
Over-molded case technology disperses shock over more of the case than a conventional rubber boot design.
Kit includes Automotive 2 channel Scope, Shielded test leads with ground (2 pcs.), Inductive pick-up, Alligator clips (3 pcs.), Back probe pins (3 pcs.), AC Power adapter, Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack (installed), USB interface kit, User manual, Soft carrying case

lab scope FER93
Automotive Labscope - Easy To Use 2-Channel Oscilloscope

Ships Via: Drop Ship
Your Cost: $675.00
MSRP: $1,016.25
EASY TO USE: Clearly marked, easy to understand controls make the Ferret 93 the easiest 2 channel labscope to use right out of the box.
EASY TO SEE: The electroluminescent backlight allows the 93 to be used in low light conditions. 128 x 128 pixel LCD displays range, time base, trigger point, trigger level, AC/DC coupling and the sampled waveform.
PRESET SETUPS: The 93 contains presets measurement ranges for over 50 different sensors, and actuators. Simply pick the sensor you want to test from a menu and begin testing.
WAVEFORM LIBRARY: Every preprogrammed setup has a reference waveform included. Simply press the reference button to see what a known good waveform looks like.
SAMPLING SUBSYSTEM: Special anti-aliasing software and the ability to sample up to 25 million samples per second helps insure you get the right picture.
DUAL TRACE SCOPE: Contains a full featured dual trace labscope.
MEMORY: Record your own presets and waveform patterns in one of 2 user programmable memory locations.
RS-232 PORT: Upload and download presets and waveforms using popular waveform manager programs.
IGNITION TESTING CAPABILITIES: Using the optional Ferret 953K LabScope KV adapter kit, you can capture ignition parade waveforms on Distributor and DIS ignitions.
Handheld Dual Trace Labscope is easy to use
wherever you need to test.
Rechargeable Battery Pack eliminates the need to purchase disposable batteries.
Packaged in a molded storage case with test leads, probes, and clips.
CD based instructed manual included Clearly marked buttons and controls.

low amp probe current probe
Low Amp Probe

The ESI 695 is a 0-60 Amp, low current probe designed for use with hand-held scopes and digital multimeters.
  • Outputs waveforms to scopes for current ramping on fuel injectors, also primary ignition and fuel pump waveforms.
  • Clamp style probe with self coiling leads.