Print These Instructions Then Proceed And Fill Form
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STEP 1: Fully complete and sign the credit application and fax back to UniSource Capital. (See Time In Business Requirements)

STEP 2: UniSource Capital will process your application and have any questions or answers back to you within 2 hours.

STEP 3: If credit is approved you will receive a credit approval notification with instructions and any contingencies.

STEP 4: Prepare an original invoice and fax it to UniSource Capital (for review) and we will have the documents prepared and sent to you via Airborne Express.

(On all transactions, the original invoice will be required to fund).
Call Barry at 660-334-0201 or email part # to for invoice copy.

STEP 5: UniSource Capital will have the documents prepared and sent to you.

STEP 6: Have documents signed and returned to UniSource Capital.

STEP 7: Funding will be made within one business day after receipt of all correctly executed documentation and customer verification.

0 TO 2 YEARS:Application only to $20,000.00. We may require all the same financial information as a lease greater than $75,000.00.
MINIMUM 2 YEARS:Application only to $25,000.00 in most cases.
MINIMUM 3 YEARS:Application only to $35,000.00 in most cases.
MINIMUM 5 YEARS:Application only to $75,000.00 in most cases.
FINANCIALLY CHALLENGED:Please call for specific request.

We will let you know during the application process if any additional information will be needed. (See Credit Requirements if applicable).

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