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Robinair 34788NITP Automatic Freon Recovery Machine
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Free Temp Sensor

• Fully-Automatic Function: Program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without operating panel valves 
• Automatic Oil Drain: A display reminds you to empty the graduated container to replace oil 
• Oil Inject: Automatically inject oil back into the vehicle’s A/C systems 
• Save & print before and after service data (optional add-on feature) 
• Visual & Audible Alarm: Notifies when service is complete or if a problem has occurred 
• Vacuum Leak Test: Monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak 
• Automatic Air Purge: Eliminates system-damaging air without monitoring gauges or opening valves 
• Automatic Refrigerant Refill: Maintains user-selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel & signals when to change supply tank 
• Vacuum Feature: Defaults to 15 minutes, programmable up to 99 minutes 
• Refrigerant Charging: Select charge mode from high or low side, or use both sides 
• Refrigerant Management System: Displays refrigerant use & monitors remaining filter life 
• With FREE Wireless Temperature Kit
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 Robinair 34288NI recover recycle recharge machine



Robinair 34288NI Freon Recovery Machine
Meets J2788 Standard $2,950.00
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• The 34288NI combines simple operation with superior accuracy. 
• It recovers, recycles, evacuates and recharges R-134A mobile A/C systems quickly and accurately. 
• The product outperforms the most current SAE J-2788 standards for accuracy and efficiency, recovering more than 95% of the refrigerant in a vehicle's A/C system and charging to better than +/- 1/2 oz of the programmed charge amount.

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ROBINIAIR AC1234-6 RECOVERY MACHINE $5,399.00 with Free Shipping

Premium A/C R/R/R Machine
$5,399.00  Free Shipping
Free Temp Sensor

• The AC1234-6 was the first commercially available machine to fully meet the SAE’s requirement for recovering, recycling and recharging vehicle A/C systems that use the new R1234YF refrigerant. 
• The AC1234-6 is a fully automatic ACS machine that comes with an integrated refrigerant identifier that samples the refrigerant in the vehicle’s A/C system prior to recovery, is a highly accurate and reliable machine, and can service both standard and hybrid vehicle A/C systems. 
• Fully automatic operation — program for service, walk away and return when complete. 
• 95% recovery efficiency 
• Programmable vacuum operation helps get to the necessary vacuum level in any condition quickly. 
• System leak test to identify gross leaks in a system. 
• Charge accuracy within +/- ½ oz. 
• Automatic oil drain shows how much oil was removed from the system during service. 
• Automatic air purge removes the potential of air accumulating in the internal tank. 
• Integrated refrigerant identifier (meets SAE J2927) 
• Liquid refrigerant flushing function can flush A/C systems or individual components using liquid refrigerant instead of harsh chemicals. 
• Automatic internal tank refill. No stopping to fill the internal tank during service, or before service. 
• 1/4 Color VGA display. Large easy to read graphical display 
• On-board printer capable of printing vehicle

• Mastercool USA introduces its new ARCTIC COMMANDER line of RRR machines. 
• Equipped with the latest technology, all models come standard with an 8” color touch screen command center. 
• The graphic interface will enable navigation through all of the functions and features with the greatest of ease. 
• There is no longer a need to read any external instructions or paper manuals, simply sit back and watch as the information is played on the color command center. 
• The Arctic Commander series of machines incorporate a powerful windows based tablet, making database and software upgrades a breeze. 
• Wi-Fi capability allows for real time, interactive communication. 
• The pre-installed team viewer program lets our technicians access any machine throughout the world to aid with any troubleshooting issues. 
• Keeping the busy technician in mind, the Arctic Commander machines provide enhanced features such as a visual indicator light, on board conversion calculator and self-diagnostic check. 
• The visual indicator light provides real time progress of the machine status. 
• The conversion calculator allows for the immediate conversion between pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms. 
• The self-diagnostic check can be performed with a simply touch of a button.

Portable Recovery Machine
• Refrigerant recovery machine
• Oil-less compressor refrigerant recovery machine
• Good for R-410
• Lightest machine in it's class
• Weighs less than 20lbs./8.8kg
• Advanced rifled tube lance fin condenser
• Fast Recovery of liquid or vapor
• 550 PSI high pressure cut-off switch
• Super Cool
• Economical Recovery Workhorse
• Heavy-duty oil-less compressor
• On the fly self clearing valve
• Simple easy-to-use design
• Built-in Suction filter
• Integrated manifold block system
• Built-in 100 Mesh Particle suction filter located under suction port
• Indestructible high-density polyethylene case
• Comfortable integrated carrying handle
• Worldwide approvals CSA/CE/TUV-GS
• UL certified to meet or exceed EPA regulations per ARI standard 740-95
• Capacity; Direct Vapor: .38lbs/min
• Direct Liquid: .3.03 lbs/min
• Push-Pull Liquid: 12.22 lbs/min
• Applications: Residential A/C & Commercial
• Compressor: 1/3 HP Oil-Less
• Voltage: 115VAC 50-60 hz. Weight: 20lbs.
• Approvals: CSA/UL/CE

MasterCool Oil and Dye Injector MAS53123

To inject the oil or dye, simply connect the injector to the low side of the A/C system and twist the handle until you reach the desired amount 
• The injector hose comes complete with a R134a coupler and auto shut-off valve adapter for 1/4"FL systems 
• Includes 2 oz. Bottle of Concentrated A/C Dye (25 Applications)
$129.00 with free shipping

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FRESH-WORKS™ Portable Electronic Odor Eliminator This unique product that completely eliminates odors in cars, RVs, boats, & trucks. FRESH-WORKS™ is the most powerful and effective eliminator of all those 'living odors'. It not only eliminates the obvious odors, but also seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens by permeating the fabrics of sofas and chairs every nook and cranny. FRESH-WORKS™ works by enveloping the living quarters and saturating them with ozone - it eliminates the Source! • Eliminate smells from cooking & waste, cigarettecigar smoke, pets, and that damp, musty smell from mildew and stake heating and cooling systems. • Unit is 110V60 .14Amp powered and is supplied with its own 6' long supply cord. • Generates from 0.03 to 0.04 PPM ozone and meets or exceeds A.S.H.R.A.E. safety standards. • Eliminates car odors in 15 to 20 minutes!

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Protect your investment with a heavy duty vinyl dust cover. Features corded seams for durability; medium gray color with Cool-Tech logo. Fits all 17700A, 34700, 34234, 34234-2K, 34134Z, 34134-2K Series

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Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector
  • For all CFC, HCFC and HFC Refrigerants
  • One-Hand Operation -- The 16 gooseneck probe holds its position so you can operate the detector with one hand.
  • Audible and Visual Leak Indicators
  • Threshold Balancing Control -- Gives you infinite control for eliminating background contamination so you can zero in on the leak site
  • Volume Control
  • Dependable Leak Detecting; The 16600 uses proven corona discharge technology to sense leaks. It works by creating a high voltage corona in the sensing tip. When this field is interrupted by refrigerant, the alarm is triggered. All corona discharge leak detectors are not the same, however -- the quality of key components is critical in providing an effective instrument.
  • Sensing Tip; The materials, shape and finish of the sensor and surrounding shell are critical to the effectiveness and life ot the tip. The 16600 is built with a mirror finish and specially engineered tip for superior sensitivity and durability. The tip can be cleaned for even longer life.
    Specifications Power Source Four AA alkaline batteries (included) Battery Life Approximately 25 hours Dimensions 8-12 L x 3-14 W x 2 D (21.59 cm x 8.26 cm x 5 cm) Probe Length 16 in. (40.6 cm) Weight 1.14 lbs (.52 kg) with batteries

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    • Multi-voltage operation - the vacuum pump can be quickly converted to 115 or 230-volt operation. • Sure grip handle - ergonomically designed for portability. • Solid rubber base for improved shock resistance. • Air cooled motors for operating under high temperature conditions. • Ultimate vacuum ratings of 75 microns. • Double intake - connections 14 SAE and 38 SAE male flare ports for use with mobile or stationary systems. • Oil drain port - for easy vacuum pump oil maintenance. • Vacuum pump oil level sight glass.

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    Flush In A Bucket - Complete AC Flush Kit • Everything you need for a complete AC flush job • Flush solvent is designed for R12 or R134a systems, and compatible with mineral, ester, parrafin and PAG oil. • Includes One gallon flush, flush canister with hose,nozzle and air cut-off valve, flush coupler to capture flush as it leaves the component being cleaned, flush instruction booklet, R134a retrofit manual, goggles and a 5 gallon bucket with lid.

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    AC Flush Solvent - 1 Gallon • Developed specifically for use in air conditioning systems using refrigerants R12 and R134a • Compatible with mineral, ester, parrafin and PAG oil • Removes moisture, acid and contaminants • Prevents acid from forming and neutralizes any acid present in system • 100% enviromentally friendly, biodegradeable, non-toxic and non-hazardous • Designed to be used with FJC Flush Kit


    Cool-Tech 34788NI R134a Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, Recharging Unit
    Your Cost $3,579.00

    MSRP: $6,398.25

    We now have the Software for Vehicles from 94 to 2010
    Filter Maintenance Kit for 34788

    The Cool-Tech 34788 combines simple operation with superior accuracy. The Cool-Tech 34788 recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests, and recharges R-134a quickly and accurately. Automatic operation means less attention is needed!

    • Fully compliant with SAE J2788 standards!
    • Recovers 20% More Refrigerant
    • Charge Accuracy +/- 1/2 Ounce
    • Control panel offers flat storage feature when not in use
    • Database expansion slot
    • Two large tool storage areas
    • Change between traditional & hybrid vehicle systems without fear of cross contamination with improved oil injection
    • New 2X larger display makes the 34788 easier than ever to use
    • Built-in storage for extra filter
    • On-board storage for compressor oils

    • Vacuum Leak Test - Will monitor the vacuum level after an evacuation, and inform the technician of a possible leak in the vehicle's A/C system.
    • Automatic Refrigerant Refill - With this latest advance, you never have to stop in the middle of a job to change refrigerant tanks. The unit maintains a user selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel, and signals when it's time to change the supply tank, so no monitoring is required.
    • Automatic Air Purge - Eliminates damaging air without any monitoring of gauges or opening of valves.
    • Automatic Oil Drain - The unit automatically drains system oil captured during recovery, and the display reminds you to empty the bottle. Graduations on the container clearly show you how much oil needs to be replaced.
    • Refrigerant Charging - Has never been this easy. Select a charge mode from either the high side, low side, or both. Accuracy features eliminate guesswork!
    • Refrigerant Management Systems - New and improved, system displays refrigerant use and monitors remaining filter life. Prompts appear when 1/3 of filter life remains.
    • Vacuum Function - Defaults to 15 minutes, but is programmable up to 99 minutes. Remaining vacuum time is displayed on the screen.

    Machine Maintenance Kit for 12134A, 17700A, 34700, 34134, 34300-2K

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    MSRP: $87.00


    Keep recovery and recycling units operating at peak efficiency with a convenient maintenance kit. Contains one quick change filter-drier to be used on both R-12 and R-134a stations, and one 16 ounce bottle of our Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil.
    • For early models using 34430 Filter-Drier (12134A, 17700A, 34700, 34134, 34300-2K).
    • See your instruction manual if you have questions about which filter-drier to use.

    SKU: ROB16009
    DiscovR134a Refrigerant Identifier
    Ships Via:
    Your Cost: $499
    MSRP: $895.955


    How Pure is Your Refrigerant?

    The best defense against unknown refrigerant and the risks associated with unknown refrigerant is a refrigerant identifier.

    • Protect your A/C service equipment
    • Guard against costly recovery equipment repairs
    • Uncover hard to find air contamination
    • Fast and Accurate - “Pass" and “Fail" lights clearly show if refrigerant is pure enough to be recovered
    • Accuracy: Pass/Fail - 95% pure R134a
    • 12 VDC


    A/C R134a Gauge Set

    R134a Gauge Set With 3 60" Hoses. Details

    1.5 CFM Vacuum Pump

    1/6 HP weight only 16 lbs. Ultimate Vacuum Pump 100microns Details
    $130.00 Includes FREE Shipping

    5 CFM Vacuum Pump

    1/3 HP 110 Volt motor weighs only 38lbs. Ultimate Vacuum Pump 25 microns Details
    $195.00 Includes FREE Shipping

    Infrared Thermometer

    -27 degrees to 428 degrees C and F capable Details

    Cool-Tech ID Plus Refrigerant Identifier
    by Robinair

    Identifies refrigerant type and purges damaging air. In addition to dependable refrigerant identification, the ID Plus measures non-condensable gases (air) in the refrigerant and purges it directly from the tank or system.
  • Displays the actual percentage of R-12, R-134a, R-22 and air in the system or tank.
  • Gives you the option of purging air if a significant concentration is found.
  • Hydrocarbon alarm sounds if flammable substances are sensed.
  • On-board printer port allows you to connect a printer for hard copy of testing results.
  • Gauge on panel shows system pressure.
  • Fast and Accurate - Displays test results in less than a minute and passes the refrigerant only if it's 98% pure. To assure consistent, rapid results, the units are not pressure/temperature dependent.
  • Reliable Technology - The instruments use dependable infrared technology developed by Neutronics, Inc., to determine if the refrigerant is an acceptable type and is pure enough to be used.
  • Unique Case Design - Puts all the components up front where you can see them at a glance, including the filter. Contoured case can be held in either hand and rubber feet protect the vehicle's finish. Specifications Power Source: 115V 60 Hz AC Dimensions: 11"L x 9"W x 4-1/2"D (27.94cm x 22.86cm x 11.43 cm) Weight: 1.75lbs. (740 g)

  • TRATP8650CS

    Leak Detector Light Details
    $51.00 With FREE SHIPPING

    TP TP1300
    Leak Detector Ki
    $85.00 With FREE SHIPPING

    freon leak detector
    CPS R12 and R134 Deluxe Leak Detector with 18" probe

    Special $155.00 Includes FREE Shipping